“Once upon a time” – Group show in Berlin

Nov 25, 2023 | News

·: 1 – 10 December 2023
At gallery HilbertRaum Berlin :·

Bringing together a sense of the ancient, of the present and of the future “Once Upon A Time” assembles 8 international artists based in Berlin and London. This exhibition is the 4th project curated between HilbertRaum and ASC Gallery and studios in London.

Curated by Darren O’brien (ASC Gallery London)
Coordinated by Eva Schwab & Daniel Wiesenfeld at HilbertRaum, Berlin.

Text by the curator:

“Once Upon A Time sets the scene for a story, a story from long, long ago..//GLITCH..In a galaxy far, far away an alien civilisation struggles with its own belief system and prays to have a..//GLITCH..The year is 2023 and in certain corners of Europe artists are busy making strange, wonderful things alongside having a magical, knowing relationship with their electronic devices..//GLITCH..In an ancient land, sitting under an amazing evening sky, a child touches a worn stone figure and asks the question “ I can feel it, can’t I ?”..//GLITCH..”
Darren O’Brien

About my work:

In this exhibition I presented my golden series “I know very little, and about life almost nothing”. 5 works based on a poem by Spanish poet Alberto Chessa. The original title in Spanish: Yo sé muy poco, y de la vida casi nada.
It’s contained in the book Anatomía de una Sombra, published in 2021 and winner of the Dionisia García Poetry Prize.

Yo sé muy poco, y de la vida casi nada - front   Yo sé muy poco, y de la vida casi nada - side

Exhibition view   public





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