It all came about spontaneously, as coffee spilled on my sketchbook. Some beautiful spots formed that suggested figures to me. I got carried away by fantasy and strange and surreal drawings began to appear. They intrigued me.

I decided to repeat the process and turn it into a weekly exercise to loosen my hand, let myself go and draw without pretensions or technical impositions.
First I look at the stain and imagine a figure, I start to draw without knowing what will come out. Drawing develops when I don’t put up mental barriers and let coffee and ink guide me.

Coffee has plunged me into a world of wonderful dreams, with its rhythm, its aroma and its ever-changing flavor.


“As soon as the coffee reaches your stomach, a general commotion ensues. Ideas start to move,
smiles emerge, and the paper fills up. Coffee is your ally and writing is no longer a struggle.”

– Honoré de Balzac –


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