Aufgerissen (Torn Up)

Something cracks and emotions emerge from the depths of the soul.

“I feel the viscera stir and their tension causes an unknown eruption. Pain comes to the surface and rivers of tears soak the skin… and the ground.”

This series has been created as a need to express some highly personal yet universal feelings. Love and its fracture; loss, conflict. A separation that strains and tears the threads that unite us. A crisis that affects one’s own identity and makes clear the misunderstanding and lack of connection between mind and heart.

Within this dark phase, hope and memories sparkle. Time plays a key role; wounds can also heal. Storm and calm are interspersed, as the unexpected is always lurking.

Works of very different forms and techniques are mixed. Predominantly paper, canvas and threads, each work expresses a different feeling. Two-dimensionality is broken with elements that generate volume; reliefs abound. Nothing is flat, everything is moldable and sensitive. Embroidered paper, painted cotton fabrics, wooden boards sewn with wire and much more.

In ‘Aufgerissen’ (‘Torn Up’) the artist peels off layers and presents her naked soul, with its lights and shadows for all to see.


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